Usability, pharmacy not the visual design, determines the success or failure of a website. Since the visitor of the page is the only person who clicks the mouse and therefore decides everything, user-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. Effectiveness:  How effective is your website? Are you able to capitalize the full potential of  your website? And, most important of all, is your website making money for you? You have about 8 seconds to keep someone on your website to learn more about your products and services.

How long is 8 seconds? Refresh/Reload your Browser or Click here and see.

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A word about SEO experts – now a days, everyone claims to be an SEO expert.  If an SEO Guru or Expert or so called SEO Professional asked you to pay monthly fees, most charges starts at $500 per month and tell you that they need a 6 -12 months contract for your website to get on page one of Google on keywords that they determined.  99% of these Experts, Gurus, SEO Companies are "SCAMS".


Just ask these "Guru" one simple question, if they are real expert, why do they need to get $500 per month from you?  A true SEO expert  can use his/her SEO knowledge to market any product/services and makes a lot of money themselves and therefore do not need to go out and solicit business.


I always offer these experts to use their "SEO expert" knowledge to market a product or services for me and I am willing to give him/her 70% of the profit and I only keep 30%, no one has taken up my offer.  Everyone wants me to pay them a monthly fee to do SEO work for me.


I know many business owners paid thousands to these experts who come in with impressive SEO layout plan, proposals, big office, a lot of staffs, big name CEO from big corporate background or IT background (NOTE: If an SEO expert used to work in a big corporation, DO NOT use them, they know nothing about small business owners who has no million dollar budgets, team of staff to support what they tried to propose, plus they only know how to spend money), but gets zero or minimum results for their clients.  So, the next time an SEO company come to you to impress upon you with the above credential and slick proposal, contracts, etc.  Just ask them this question – If you are an SEO Expert, why you need me?

P/S.  Impressive proposal and layouts, wire-frame has nothing to do with SEO knowledge, all are copied from the internet.  So the next time an SEO company comes to see you with impressive proposals and asking money from you, you know that is a "scam."