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La-Jin Therapy

Terminulogy La: Stretch Jin: Chinese Medical terminulogy similar to ligaments, tendons, and La-Jins Jin Suo: Contraction, atrophy or degeneration of the functions of Jin La-Jin: To stretch and restore the Jin where Jin Suo has occurred The Occurrence of Jin Suo In the theory of Chinese Medicine, the main strip of Jin in a human body runs from the top of the neck to the back, the waist, the thighs, ... read more

Pai-Da Therapy

Terminulogy Pai: Patting Da: Slapping Pai-Da: A Chinese Medical method which utilize patting and slapping of external skin areas to draw out and eliminate poisonous waste in body and restore health by facilitating the smooth flow of Qi throughout the meridians? Sha: poisonous blood The principles of Pai-Da Pai-Da = Elimination of toxicant = Elimination of the poisonous waste in body Skin is closely... read more

Discover Self Healing

This is a fascinating video that ALL of us can do. The beginning 10 minutes may sound like a religious belief, capsule but, look it is NOT the intend of the video. Please be patient and watch till the end. It could help you in whatever health problems you may have. La-Jin Therapy Instructions Pai-Da Therapy Instructions The following video is on Taiwan Chinese TV.  It is in Chinese but you can watch... read more