Using Google to find answers to your problem

I often get calls from friends asking me either computer software or hardware problems.  We all know how to use Google to search for things, viagra 40mg similarly, you can use Google to answer your problems.  Simply type in the problem you have, example, “my window XP explorer slow in opening folder” and you will get many links displaying possible solutions.

The trick will be finding the right and useful answers.  You could encounter websites that are nothing more than a “landing page” containing your searched keywords and displaying some basic useless information with all kinds of Advertisements  on that page.  This kind of landing page is used to make advertising money.  When I see this kind of web page, I quickly go away and look for the next search result.  Some websites will ask you to subscribe to their “Forum” before you get the answers, do not simply sign up as some may want your credit card info.  Some will spam you with tons of junk mails.  Look for the next search results or try with a different key word search.

Giving enough patient and time, you will most likely find the answers you want.  Most important thing is do not get frustrated if you cannot find the right answer immediately, try different key words for your search. Ultimately, you will learn how to search well on Google for your problems.

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