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Jewelry is a very popular commodity. While of course the jewelry itself is very important, see the showcase itself is perhaps even more so. It is very important to show off the jewelry. You have to be sure that you show how beautiful it is so it will sell. The cases also protect the jewelry from being stolen. The security means that it cannot be easily stolen. The proper cases also help keep dust from settling dust on the beautiful pieces of jewelry. So as you can see there are a lot of decisions to be made in the selection process of your jewelry display cases . In order to make these decisions you have to know what kind of cases are available to you.

One of the most popular cases is the wooden display case . That is because they are attractive, mind comfortable, and classic. In addition to these attractions you also have a choice of the type of wood to use. There is everything from Red Oak to Cherry, Walnut to Maple. Without going to any extremes you have a beautiful look with the wood and the decision is not a hard one to make.

One thing that you would like to have happen is to have something unique and different, of course effective. It would be impossible to discuss every type of case but there are some that do deserve to be mentioned. The first case that will be discussed will be the Octagon Full View. This classic jewelry display case has solid lines, two sparkling glass shelves which will catch the eye of the most disinterested shopper. For access this case there are two back doors that slide open quite easily. It makes the jewelry easy to see from every angle.

The next showcase that we will discuss is the Register Stand Display Showcase. This combinations saves on space, it has easy access, and a storage area behind the case itself that is quite impressive. Yet another case, the Sit Down Jewelry case is quite different. It comes with a padded bench to sit on so that they customer can relax for a little while, and while relaxing, why not look at some of your beautiful merchandise?

Yet another case with an octagon shape is the Octagon Feature Display case. Its shape is kind of like a mushroom. It is a freestanding display case that could be placed right in the middle of your store. Because of this customers can see the case from all sides. Thankfully it is secure from all sides so you do not have to worry about theft. It has tempered glass doors that lock, so your items are safe and secure. The last type of case that we will discuss is the Jewelry Wooden Showcase. This case is a one level case which is perfect for your small items, or your items that are hard to see. It has a storage that is over twenty seven inches high. This simple but very classic case will show your jewelry at its best.

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