Meet Snoopy

Snoopy is part of our family. He is a Jack Russell Terrier, 6 years old, full of energy with his own unique personality. He loves to go fishing with us and gets very excited when we start to reel in our catch. Snoopy helps, without being asked, to hold on to the fish with his mouth. He does not like Crappie because he got spiked by a Crappie fin a few times. Trout is his favorite fish to catch because of the shape and size, he can easily hold them down. He also likes wiper because he can hold the fish and drag it in by the head. Once the fish is secured in the boat or on land, he will leave it alone, but will go after it if the fish starts to flip around.

When we put our catch on a stringer, and throw it in the water, Snoopy will submerge to get the fish on the stringer and bring them on shore. When we fish on our boat and put the fish in the lake alongside our boat, he will try to pull the stringer up to get the fish out of water and onto the boat. He actually fell in the lake a few times doing that, and that did not make him hesitate.

On Michelle’s birthday this year, she caught a 10 pound wiper at Shawnee Mission Lake. Snoopy, as usual, tried to pull it onto the boat after we put it on a stringer. When he tried to grab the wiper on the head, the fish got startled and actually “slapped” Snoopy with itstail. We had a good laugh about that.

Snoopy is very teachable and can learn simple things easily if we show him how to do it with the reward of “Milk-Bone Brand MARO-Snacks.” he has learned how to rollover, high-5, shake right or left hand, jump through a hula hoop, take his treat and eat it in a designated box, eating corn on the cob, etc. etc.

Needless to say, Snoopy is spoiled rotten and is high in priority in our family. We love him very much, and we thank God for giving him to us.

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Here is Snoopy eating corn on the cob.

Snoopy perform tricks