JFK Assassination Fascination

JFK Assassination Fascination is a very comprehensive, intriguing, and thought provoking analysis of the most shocking, mysterious, and misunderstood event in American history: the assassination of JFK. It is presented as a grand mystery, an electrifying history lesson, in which the author provides fact after fascinating fact of the tragedy; facts which lay bare the Warren Commission’s attempt to shield the men who were really responsible for Kennedy’s assassination.

The JFK Assassination Fascination audio book is presented by JFK Researcher Dan Sarver, Kansas City, KS.

The opening attraction is the snakepit in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Numerous CIA operatives, Cuban exiles, international assassins, and paramilitary members are identified. The author provides brief ensembles or overviews of each person’s sinister relationships. It becomes obvious that a turkey shoot is in progress.

The next chapters (Ballistics Evidence, Eyewitness Testimony, the Sniper’s Nest, and the Tippit Incident) unfold more facts and more relationships between key players in the power struggle and cover-up. These facts, relationships, and related twists keep the listener continuously fascinated with the story and the author’s research.

The author then provides an informative and chronological summary of the Cold War era and how its issues fit into the puzzle. The chapter reviews the fear of communism, how this fear helped forge the institutional wisdom of the extreme right wing which saddled every administration during the Cold War era, how fear of communism was used to establish the CIA, and how the concept of National Security became a carte blanche for the executive branch of the government to abuse its own power. The chapter explores the Bay of Pigs invasion and how it created Kennedy enemies within a renegade faction of the CIA. It examines the Cuban Missile Crisis, how Kennedy created more enemies by slamming the door on the Cuban exiles, CIA, and organized crime, and finally, how Kennedy used the Cuban Missile Crisis to dispel the institutional wisdom of the right wing, shift power to the moderate left, and thus create yet more Kennedy enemies.

From there, the author presents yet more facts, twists, and relationships in the biographies of Lee Harvey Oswald and the “handlers” who set him up for his role as the patsy (David Ferrie, Guy Banister, Clay Shaw). The Mexico City Odyssey examines the twisted and convoluted attempts to further the patsy posturing. Jack Ruby’s biography examines his relationships with Oswald, the CIA, FBI, Oswald’s handlers, the Dallas police, organized crime, and the Cuban exiles. In all these chapters the listener is admitted into a new realm: the author’s psychological insights into his subjects.

The storyline then shifts back to the Single Bullet Myth, the travesty of the Autopsy, and the Head Wound to prove that Kennedy’s body was altered prior to the autopsy and that a conspiracy was in place to create and perpetuate the Single Bullet Myth.

The author then weaves together the Web of Conspiracy tying together facts, relationships, people, media, and special interests groups who planned, conspired, and/or acquiesced to support the Coup d’état. Of particular interest is how certain media moguls assisted in the cover-up by trying to perpetuate the Warren Commissions findings in the mind of the American people and that some continue to do so today. The author also examines the relationships of certain members of the Warren Commission itself and why these people could not be considered to be truth seekers.

History is of little value unless people can learn from it and the author closes by illustrating that the case is highly relevant today. For example:

  • He cites that each citizen’s right to transfer power was taken away the day of the assassination by those involved in and/or acquiesced to the conspiracy.
  • He cites that the same is true when the government does not provide citizens with knowledge and truth since without knowledge and truth, they can not make informed voting decisions.
  • He cites numerous examples where the executive branch of the government continues to hide knowledge and truth from its citizens under the guise of National Security. (The inference is that, even today, special interest groups in both political parties continue to pull the strings of the executive branch of our government.  Governmental officials continue to use National Security to shield themselves from accountability until decades later when accountability is valueless.)
  • He cites that democracy is still on trial, and in the words of James Madison “knowledge is power and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.”

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About the Author:

Dan became a J.F.K. assassination researcher because of his passion for American history. His focus had been World War II and Civil War studies. All that changed after November 22, 1963. He read the Warren Commission Report followed by Rush To Judgment two years later. The books were so contradictory that he felt the real truth would be forever elusive. In the more than 45 years since the Warren Commission, Dan has read hundreds of books, attended countless seminars and examined most of the available documents. He has made numerous appearances as a speaker for conventions, associations, and organizations. He has been a guest on several radio talk shows. You are invited to take a walk with Dan through history.

Dan was born in Kansas City, Missouri and currently resides in Overland Park, Kansas. He graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a B.A. in Economics and Foreign Language in 1970. Dan is a public speaker and businessman. He and his wife Cathy have a son Brad, and a daughter, Amy.

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